Virtual Worlds and Poetic Spaces: Where the Sidewalk Ends

In the Spring of 2010, Professor Guynup of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division, took on the amazing task of schooling a select group of students in how to create virtual, online 3D worlds through the use of VRML. Our challenge: interpret a piece of poetry visually and make it into an expressive, virtual world for others to explore. I was priveledged to be a part of that group of amazing people.

This is my visual interpretation of the Shel Silverstein poem, "Where the Sidewalk Ends." It will very likely remain a work-in-progress for some time, as I learn more about VRML and how to integrate its many interactive capabilities into my virtual world. Any feedback, suggestions, or advice is most heartily welcome, because I could surely use another set of eyes to improve it. One day, when this project reaches completion, the viewer will be treated to a full audio-visual experience that explores the themes and worlds of Shel Silverstein's poem, "Where the Sidewalk Ends."


                                                                                Thank you for taking the time to visit this virtual world!